New York Wedding Photographer Chris Hamlet taking a photograph on the beach along the ocean with zoom lens
New York Wedding Photographer Chris Hamlet sunset with palm tree hanging in foreground over ocean

Thank you!  

I know in the digital age that life moves fast.  So since you made it this far I promise to do my best not to bore you down.  If you want to chat with me in person, I’d love to meet you for a coffee.  Just contact me here.  If not, read along and let’s learn a bit about me, Chris Hamlet New York Wedding Photographer.

First Off

I grew up in Long Beach, New York and living on the beach, you can imagine I developed a deep connection with the ocean. Swimming turned into a boogie board, then surf board, and the rest is history. But please let me elaborate.

At the young age of 18, I was off to California to study in college.  I landed in Huntington Beach, Surf City in a two bedroom apartment I shared with 3 friends from New York.  I studied in Community College for two years, worked at the local diner waiting tables to make dues and surfed, A LOT.  Afterwards I lived for a year in Northern California, Eureka specifically and finished a few credits I’d needed to transfer to California State University of Fullerton.  There I finished up my schooling and received a B.A. in Communications.

How I Got Started as a New York Wedding Photographer

A couple of my new friends I’d met through surfing and work said to me, “pack your bags, we’re going to Indonesia.”  I scratched up as much money as I could and went on my first REAL surf trip.  That experience opened my eyes to a whole new way of life and I have had the travel bug ever since, returning to Indonesia 5 times since then.  Prior to that trip was when my parents had got me my first camera, a Canon Rebel T3i to capture memories.

I got some great photos, but quickly became addicted to the art of photography and opted for some better gear.  As it went, my hobby turned into a creative passion.  I started off mainly taking photos of my travels and friends surfing, but about two years ago I really fell in love with photographing people.  I started taking photographs of all my friends and family and realized I had all the tools to start my own business.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and work alongside some amazing photographers.  I’ve gotten to meet incredible families and couples and get to do what I love everyday.  Click here to see what some of my clients are saying or here to meet and learn more about me, your New York Wedding Photographer.