This Hempstead Lake Park Engagement session was short and sweet, but it was so nice to get out of the beach setting for a change (although I’m not complaining on getting to shoot on the beach all the time). Sean and Shannon tied the knot one year ago.  They couldn’t be happier and are currently living in Rockville Centre.  When I asked if there were any parks near their house, they mentioned Hempstead Lake State Park.  I had never been there and went a bit earlier than the couple to check it out.

The park is very big and has tons of grass and sitting areas along side the lake.  We didn’t walk far because we were a bit strapped for time with the sun going down.  Sean and Shannon walked around one section of the park and in-between some trees.  I am excited to go back and shoot another engagement session there for a couple who is interested from Long Island because with some sun shining through the trees and a bit more exploring, there could be some awesome opportunities.

One reason why I love shooting engagement photos is that it really gives the photographer a chance to establish a relationship and learn about the couple.  In the beginning, Shannon was a bit timid and hadn’t done many photo sessions like this before.  It is up to the photographer to identify that and make sure they are directing in a patient manner. The photographer also should know when to give the couple some space and have some moments to themselves.  These are all things I have been learning along the way.



Couple kissing in front of lake her hand on his face with eyes closedCouple walking through hempstead lake state park smiling and looking at each otherCouple leaning on tree in Hempstead Lake State Park kissing her hand on his chest in front of lakeCouple leaning on tree with foreheads touching looking into each others eyes in front of lake at hempstead lake state park

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