Central Park Wedding | Aaron and Katie

Central Park Wedding Portrait of groom kissing brides head turned sideways with her eyes closed in front of trees with pretty sunlight

This Central Park Wedding with Aaron and Katie was just perfect!  While assisting with Loreto Caceres we drove into Manhattan together for the Central Park Wedding that would be held at the Lotos Club in New York.  While Loreto took photos of Aaron and Katie getting ready in their rooms I set up two flash stands.  After the first look, we took a walk up the street into Central Park.

Loreto got right to work as I was standing by with extra lenses, batteries and equipment.  Instead of just hanging nearby, Loreto told me to grab my camera and take some shots as well.  The sun began to emerge from behind the trees making some some amazing portrait light.  In New York, you’re not always blessed with green settings and pretty sunlight.  It can tend to be overcast with New York City skyscrapers in the way.  But, I never realized until this Central Park Wedding how many amazing areas there were inside Central Park for portraits.  There are beautiful bridges, meadows, trees and gardens.  The fall is also an amazing time for both weddings and shooting because of the crisp weather. When photographing couples you always want to make sure they are comfortable.  During September and October the weather is not too hot or cold.
We walked with Aaron and Katie around the park and took our time stopping in some areas.  The park was busy but people were nice enough to get out of the way for a lot of our shots.  Loreto did all of the directing and put them in the best areas.  When she shoots with a wide lens, I use a zoom lens to get an alternate angle.

Bride and Groom standing looking at each other before Central Park Wedding at Lotos Club under trees

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